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3 Reasons to Start Video Blog

By Terry Stanfield

A video blog is a very popular method of video marketing today that has completely revolutionized the way people practice their marketing efforts. Video blogging is popular because it allows you to increase website traffic in many ways. There are three major reasons you should think about using your own video blogs for your business that can help forge your company in front of the competitor and into success.

Video blogging started in 2004 when a man named Adam Kontras detailed a move to Los Angeles to show everyone his attempt at show business. This attempt was successful leading to a segment on The Early Show which shot video blogging into the forefront. Today video blogging is a very successful method of advertising campaigns for most online businesses.

Video blogging is also known as vlogging which is a video form of blogging. This format of blogging allows you to integrate videos into the blog and post them using the Web 2.0 technologies on different websites across the Internet. Here are 3 major reasons why you should start your own video blog.

1. A video blog is an excellent way to increase website traffic to your video and to your website. The only way to increase your page rank is to earn the trust of online customers who expect these technologies and features.

2. Video blogs allow for better search engine rankings when you practice video marketing with keywords. You select the text integrated inside of the video that will be called upon during search engine queries that will pull up your video ad marketing.

3. Video blogs can be syndicated and can be uploaded, downloaded, and distributed all over the Internet. The right video marketing campaign will over a video blog to be downloaded, replayed, and distributed through an RSS or Atom feed.

Video blogs have revolutionized the Internet and provided a video marketing method that allows for ultimate success for any business online. This is a very low cost method for an advertising campaign which can give you maximum exposure at virtually no cost. There are many reasons why you should practice video ad marketing such as syndication and distribution all over the Internet, increasing website and video traffic and World Wide Web ranking improvements.

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