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Boots and Barbecue of South Carolina

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

The people from South Carolina are famous to possess their talented dancing moves and delicious barbecue recipes. Their parties are often crowded with people from many places. Their parties are surely guaranteed to erase worries from your head. They are known to celebrate the most famous barbecue festival and country music party in the whole land.

This much awaited event is a place to celebrate great moves and delicious gourmet specialties. The event is intended for all ages. Grandma and grandpa can enjoy listening and dancing to old and memorable hits. Mom and dad can enjoy the scenery by looking out at the Springdale Race Course. The kids can have fun eating delectable chuck wagon barbecues and showing their moves on the dance floor.

South Carolina is known to be the state of happy people that is why these kinds of merriment events are not uncommon for them. Their slogan: Happy faces and beautiful faces says it all. They love having fun and proofs of these are their occasional parties and fun gatherings. They are also known to whip out the most delectable and fun barbecue festivals in the country.

South Carolina is also famous for its very positive State seal or State symbol. The words Animis Opibusque Parati that are written over their seal means: Prepared in Minds and Resources. The words Dum Spiro Spero means While I breathe, I hope. South Carolina has a humid sub-tropical climate and it is always not an issue if there will be no snowfall in a given year. Summers on the state are hot and humid and occasional rains are expected on the month of March. Immigrants from the East mostly would want to settle in South Carolina because its climate is the closest temperature in the United States from their home.

This event will surely lead your feet to the dance floor so grab a partner and dont forget your boots and wide brim hat!

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