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Internet crime complaints in 2008 rose 33% in case

By Haven Frbiz

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) of the message, the cyber-crime and Internet fraud complaints in 2008 a dramatic increase.

FBI and IC3 are non-profit Center for white-collar crime (White Collar Crime Center) partners, who maintains a website, Internet fraud victims can lodge complaints at the site. This week, the report said, compared with 2007, 2008 complaints they have received an increase of 33% case, which has a lot of e-commerce fraud.

Estimated that in 2008 the organization received 275,284 complaints, into the equivalent of a net loss of 265 million U.S. dollars, with an average 931 U.S. dollars for each complaint brought losses.

"With the substantial transfer of financial data to the Internet to conduct transactions on the trend, high-tech computer fraud to continue to flourish." Network in the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Assistant Director-General Division Shawn Henry said in a statement, "For the law enforcement agencies, businesses and home computer users, the need to maintain continued vigilance, and the use of reliable security protection procedures. "

IC3 kept of complaints received by the large database, from the e-mail fraud to the figure of the country's infrastructure, the threat of major components, which are involved. The organization regularly to law enforcement agencies send the collected information.

Last year, IC3 received nearly 60% of the complaints from the case and that the Nets did not purchase merchandise or payments received by the seller, or the victims of auction fraud.

On this list, in addition to the complaints, as well as credit card and check fraud, credit fraud, as well as the so-called 419 fraud (if a person can pay a small part of the advance cheat help them to transfer money from their country go, cheater will be share with millions of dollars). "419 fraud," named after the Nigerian Penal Code, from section 4.1.9 of the country's history, there is a lot of this kind of fraud case.

Check fraud losses up to an average loss of 3000 U.S. dollars for each complaint.

The organization reported that half of the fraud criminals come from California, New York, Texas, Florida, Washington and the District of Columbia. If On a per capita basis, the District of Columbia accounted for the majority of perpetrators of fraud, followed by Nevada .

Nearly two-thirds of the fraud criminals from the United States. Liar in other countries, a considerable number from the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Canada. In addition, the study found that almost all (77%) of the fraud perpetrators are male.

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