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Mom 2 Mom Sale: Michigan

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

There is simple joy that can be found through crafting. Crafting can bring out the creativity in anyone and it is a great tool to de-stress and relax the mind. Housewives usually do this as a hobby. Some crafters however, decide to take this hobby to the next level and try to set up their own shop and sell their crafts. Crafting as a business is becoming the trend nowadays as it is low on capital but big on profits.

There are a lot of craft opening a lot of opportunities moms can place their time nowadays that there is a lot of information regarding crafting sitting on the internet. Homemade products are found to be on top of the list as they are quick, economical and easy to prepare. Homemade soaps, toys, baby wear and accessories are popular wants. Moms who are crafters usually make the stuffs that are also meant to be sold to other moms.

The Mom 2 Mom Sale in Weiss Elementary, Woodhaven Michigan will be back on March 14th, 2009 to feature goodies and stuffs made by moms. It will feature booths, exhibits and kiosks of different kinds such as jewelry, food, produce, flowers, crafts, kids toys. Prices are reportedly lowered to satisfy the customers. Rare and unique curios are included in the items at the shop. Piped in music and a few intermission performances by elementary students will be included to further enrich the shopping experience.

Craft making as a business is becoming widely known especially these times that mothers at home look for other ways to accumulate profit and help their family's finances. You only need to be really creative and have an enthusiastic business sense to set-up a successful business in crafting. Financial literacy is equally important with the creativity that is required in putting a up a good crafting business.

All crafty mamas are encouraged to attend this activity to show their crafts to fellow moms as well.

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