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Samsung LCD HDTV Reviews & Tips

By Anne Ahira

The Good

Excellent picture quality; good contract with the colors; a variety of sizes available; media center functionality; USB port for connecting other hardware

The Bad

Rather expensive gawky remote controls with some models; several; describes of overheating.

The Bottom Line

While you can offer to get the samsung lcd hdtv, you have to definitely plan the asset. However, accomplish you explore earlier to make sure you avoid kinds with potential overheating difficulties.


Samsung televisions, in general, have a reputation for high quality. The Samsung LCD HDTV models carry on that tradition. The television itself provides amazing image quality, even when compared to other LCD screens.

The great distinction between the paints plus the progressed feature of the black causes the picture quality greater to a good number of the models in the store at this time.

You be able to also get the Samsung LCD HDTV in quite a lot of range options|selections|choices], depending on which series you decide. The Series 7 sorts, Such as Arrive 40, 46, and 52-inch choices. Slighter TV sizes, Consisting of a 19-inch model, are presented in Set 7.

Whilst having a lower refresh rate isn't going to cause much differentiation while you're showing the movie or your TV programming, you shall see an amazing improvement if you're a video game player. No matter which system you enjoy the Samsung LCD HDTV types with a 120 Hz refresher rate are worth the budget.

The number of connections on this TV is also astonishing. The Samsung LCD HDTV, however, comes with four built-in HDMI inputs, and an Ethernet port so you be able to join your television to the Internet.

You might also realize the TruSound technology created into the televisions for progressed sound quality even while you don't own the right encircle sound in your residence.

Some of the Samsung LCD HDTV sorts could also double like media centers. They acquire the huge built-in hard disk for keeping files you may demand to watch on the TV.

The only complaint with the Samsung LCD HDTV would be the remote. With some models, the remotes have been very awkwardly shaped. That may not seem like a big deal but if you're going to be holding the remote in your hand frequently you want something that is going to feel right. A few reports of overheating problems have also been made by consumers with some of the models. Do your homework before purchasing the model of Samsung LCD HDTV that best fits your needs.

For some buyers, the price might also be a concern. For a 46 inch Samsung LCD HDTV model, prices are between $1,500 and $2,000. You can find other models for less than that in the same size category but they will not have the 1080p resolution.

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