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By Annmoriarty Kurohone

If you are looking to find some good movies, check out some reviews below. Type "Down Load Movies" into a search engine. If you do not find what you want try "Down Load Music". Trying a keyword phrase like "Download A Movie" will provide different results.

Misery: Famed writer Paul Sheldon is driving back from his Colorado hideaway after finishing his latest book. He is in a terrible crash, but is rescued by a nurse. She turns out to be his number one fan. What appears to be a Godsend will turn into his worse nightmare.

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own: Idiotic follow-up to THE Ventures OF BARRY MCKRNZIE, in reference to oafish title personality, his double sibling both played by Crocker, and one Edna Everage Humphries, in drag, who is abducted and taken to Transvlvania. Cast includes Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Donald Pleasence, Dick Bentley, and Louis Negin. (93 minutes, 1974)

For Roseanna: Sugary, well-intentioned film in regards to a gentleman who has vowed his spouse, who's terminally sick, that she can be buried in their village churchyard cemetery however with only a few empty structures left, he takes it upon himself to keep the other townspeople sound! Triumphing behaviors and lucid Italian environment help remunerate for a script by war horse Television. Cast includes Jean Reno, Mercedes Ruehl, Polly Stroller, Mark Frankel, Giuseppe Cederna, and Renato Scarpa. (95 minutes, 1997)

Alice in Wonderland: Amusing, if somehow distant, rendering of Lewis Carroll's classic, with the Walt Disney expression team at its best bringing the Cheshire Feline, the Monarch of Hearts, and the Crazy Hatter to life. Episodic film is given chief increase by hefty identities of Wynn, Colonna, Holloway, et al., and such tunes as ''I' Cast includes Late" and "The Un-Birthday Melody. Cast includes Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson, Ed Wynn, Richard Haydn, Vema Felton, and Bill Thompson. (75 minutes, 1951)

Paycheck: Michael Jennings is a reverse engineering expert. Companies hire him to reverse engineer other company's technology. Since this is obviously illegal, his memory is erased after each job he does. When he gets a much bigger job with a much bigger paycheck, he discovers at the end that he hasn't been paid. To make things worse, the FBI thinks he is guilty of murder and treason. He escapes and tries to solve the mystery. He has sent himself 19 objects from before his memory was erased. He must decipher just what they mean.

Actors and Sin: A two part story: The first part is about an over the hill actor and his daughter, who is now a big star. In the second part we have a writer-agent who has a client who writes border line pornography. The problem is that he is only 10 years old! Edward G. Robinson, Eddie Albert, Alan Reed, Tracey Roberts, Rudolph Anders, Paul Guilfoyle, Jenny Hecht, and John Crawford all star in this film. (1952 comedy-drama Ben Hecht and Lee Garmes direct)

The Promoter: Alluring comedy in regards to a likable however penniless youthful gentleman who sees how to get ahead world wide-and captures his possibility. This is a script by Eric Ambler from Arnold Bennett's tale The Card, additionally its title in England. Cast includes Glynis Johns, Valerie Hobson, Petula Clark, and Edward Chapman. (88 minutes, 1952)

Anchorman: Ron Burgandy is 'the' anchorman in San Diego. Back in the 70's this was an all male job. When the station decides to put a woman in an anchor position, Ron goes bonkers. It's all out war at the news station.

A Fan's Notes: Bewildered, football-infatuated author gets to be disenchanted with the Incredible American Fantasy of prosperity and compliance, and ends up in psychological health center. Unlucky misfire of Frederick Exley's highly considered novel. Cast includes Jerry Orbach, Burgess Meredith, Patricia Collins, Julia Ann Robinson, and Rosemary Murphy. (100 minutes, 1972)

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